What We Did

We always work on achieving  the viewer`s expectations.
By placing great value in the authentic recreation we reach differing landscapes,
moulds and objects.

Tropical Island - Amazonia

Krausnick-Groß Wasserburg.

Ebba Bohlin - Inngang

Permanent Installation at Ulsmåg Skole, Bergen

A Reaper Fountain for the Grusellabyrinth


Hagenbeck - Mandrill

Climbing Tree and Partition

In autumn 2012 we designed and created an expansive ensemble of five djungle trees for Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg.


Das Praehistorium

The History of Evolution from the Big Bang to the Extinction of the Dinosaurs – as real as life itself: Since December 2008 the interactive museum “Gondwana – Das Praehistorium” has been open on the site of a disused coal-mine close to Saarbrücken in Schiffweiler.

Tierpark Hagenbeck - Arctic Sea

Between August 2010 and spring 2012 we managed the artists who created 12.000 square meter of rockwork.

Erlebniszoo Hannover / Yukon Bay

Woodwork and Props

Gold digger’s harbor town with ice cream parlor – the new theme world for Alaska’s wild life:

In May 2010 the large compound for arctic wild life was opened with stunning details of history and little stories.
Like in a diorama, the visitor can encounter not only wild animals but an authentic gold mine, a steam locomotive at the station of the cargo ship sunk in the harbor, next to a large goods crane.

Tierpark Hagenbeck / Troparium


In spring of 2007 we worked on behalf of the  firm KaGo und Hammerschmidt  under the artistic direction of the "nature-designer" David Lazenby on some of the areas included in the new development of the Troparium within the Animal Park Hagenbeck, Hamburg.

Ruhrtriennale 2013

let rocks float - theater!

It does not require any magic but much know-how to design seven rocks for the imagery of the director Robert Wilson (USA).

EAS 2012

In October 2012 sculporscoop was present at Europes largest fair for the amusement industry.

Mountaineering Headquarters

Hiking Shop "Bergsportzentrale Hannover"

It was Sebastian Henselers requirement for the opening of his climbing store in October 2010 to be convincingly unique and still able to offer his customers a high standard hiking equipment at reasonable prices.

Tiergarten Nürnberg

Dolphin’s Lagoon and Manatee House

The dolphin’s lagoon completed in summer 2011 in the Nuremberg Zoo was established to extend the existing Dolphinarium for the Dolphins and sea lions living there. For the first time, the animals experienced natural conditions like rain. The manatee house laid out as a jungle accommodates besides the name givers or sea cows many other jungle inhabitants.

Zoom Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen

Play tree in the Asia hall

The brand new themed attraction "Asia" at ZOOM Gelsenkirchen was missing a play field for the orangutans.

So, during a few weeks in summer 2009 this became for us the place to form a 10m high and wide buttress root tree for the anthropoids habitat.
"Asia"  with all its diversity of species was opened in spring 2010.

Tropical Islands / Elefanta Temple

In 2007 the Tropical Islands in Krausnick/Brandenburg were expanded to include a wellness area of 14 buildings with more moorings and camping areas.  Under instruction of the company NATCON from Vienna, Austria, and the art leading of Ing. Hans Sima were parts of this South Sea World reconstructed. A part of this South Seas world was the recreation of the Elefanta-Tempel (Elephant Temple), which includes within it a sauna, exercise areas and showers. The entrance area is hemmed in by high artificial rockwork.